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My brother in law and I both have dreamhost accounts for our websites. Neither of us use the full capabilities of the system, and we were thinking about combining our accounts and each of us using half of one account.

Correct me if I am wrong, but if we choose the “merge accounts” option, then both of our accounts would still be active, and we would be paying for both of them, but they would just be combined, right (ie, 40 GB of space instead of 20 each, etc).

From looking around, it seems like the best thing to do would be to transfer his domain name to me (for $10), and then most his hosting to my account, and just let his account expire. Is that correct? Is there something else that we can do to achieve the same goal?


Christopher John Vitek

If one of you is within the 97 day period of signing up and you used a CC then you could cancel one account and just use the one, sharing the webid.

Or, you could contact Support (billing) and see what proposal they could throw your way.

Or, you could perhaps try and each maximise the accounts you each have now by using or developing new features for your web sites. You could perhaps create a few photo-galleries or add a few blogs. You could each develop your PHP and MySQL skills and perhaps create some online database systems.


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