TWiki Installation Help


I’m trying to install TWiki on my site, but have come across a small issue with permissions and file ownership. I need to change the user that TWiki uses, from “nobody” to the username associated with my shell account. According to their instructions [1], I should use the following line to change any references:

find . -name *.v~ -exec perl -pi~ -e '$. <= 10 && s/nobody:/my-username-here:/ ’ {} ;

When I run that command, I get the following error:
“find: missing argument to `-exec’”

Does anyone have any idea as to what I’m doing wrong?



I installed TWiki here on DreamHost with very little fuzz, by following the excellent instructions that Richard Donkin wrote:

Specifically, there’s a part that reads:
To avoid permissions problems:

  • Type ls -l from within your CGI bin directory, and check that the owner (you) has rwx or r-x on every script, and that group and other have r-x or r–.
  • If any permissions are wrong, type chmod u+rwx,g-w * within this directory.
  • (Optional) Type chmod go-rx * within this directory to ensure nobody else can read or execute your scripts.

Take a thorough look at those instructions, and if you still have questions, you’re more than welcome to contact me or Richard.


Has anyone installed TWiki 4.0.4 on DreamHost? Do we have to change the extensions in the BIN directory? Or is there something we have to add to the htaccess file?

Argh! Help!