TWiki 4


I would like to know if somebody has succeed installing TWiki 4 in DreamHost. If so, can you share this information with the community?

Thank you!

Finally I could do it!

I will try to explain it in the coming days here.

Nobody seems to have followed up on this so I’ll take a stab at describing how to get TWiki 4+ installed:

  1. Create the domain you want to use or a subdirectory in an existing domain.

  2. Verify that you have CGI enabled for that domain (under the DreamHost control Panel, Domains/Manage and select edit for the domain in question). I don’t actually see a place to disable it but I guess you need to select a user to run cgi as.

  3. Copy the TWiki tgz archive where you want to install it (it can be in a subdirectory rather than the domain root)

  4. Unzip/untar the archive (and delete the .tgz file if you want)

  5. chmod all the files and directories you just unzipped to either 755 or 711 so that your cgi user can execute them.

  6. in the /bin subdirectory copy LocalLib.cfg.txt to LocalLib.cfg and edit the LocalLib.cfg and enter the path to your TWiki install i.e.
    $twikiLibPath = "/home/username/"
    This is described in the TWiki install guide at
    Don’t put /home/.machine/username … or your install will break if DreamHost moves your account to a different machine.

  7. This is what tripped me up Rename the /bin/Configure perl script to and navigate to to run the configuration script.
    Dreamhost won’t run the script unless it has a .pl extension, instead it will just show the source code.

  8. Configure using the web interface and follow the install guide.

Again the trick was renaming the Configure perl script in the bin/ directory to

Hope this helps,

Max L.

For Step 7 above you must rename all the perl scripts in /bin to *.pl and then change the configuration to use a .pl extension with the configuration script.

The files you need to change are:

Max L.

I’m running TWiki without the “.pl” extension. I have several TWiki 3 (“Cairo”) installations and I’ll upgrade them to TWiki 4 “eventually”. Here’s my guide to installing TWiki 3 if anyone is still interested:
Note: The installation guide for TWiki 3 does not competely apply to TWiki 4 because there have been improvements in the configuration, but some parts are still useful.

I have also made some test installations of TWiki 4 on DH, and that also worked without the “.pl” extension, see (subject to change). I haven’t written a similar installation guide for TWiki 4 yet, though I will do that “eventually” too.

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