Tutorial on installing PHP as CGI

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Ok…my goal is to redo my production server at home so that it mimics a similar configuration to DreamHost with the same versions of Apache, MySQL, and PHP. The configuration of PHP is, of course, essential. Now, currently, my server is setup with PHP acting as a module. But with DreamHost setup primarily to use PHP as a CGI module, this changes things for me. So, what I’d like to know is if there’s a tutorial somewhere that can layout the basic steps for installing PHP 4 with both the Apache module AND the CGI module for easy switching when testing sites. I wouldn’t mind knowing how to install PHP 5 as a CGI module along side it for testing as well. I’m pretty familiar on how to install PHP as an integrated Apache module…I’m just lost on the CGI module thing! I’m assuming that I’ll have to compile Apache with FastCGI. Any help would be most appreciated!

Thanks a bunch!

Jeff Whitfield

Jeff Whitfield
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