Turning on my account?


i recently jsut canceld my account and i wanted to know if i turned my account back on would my coupon code still apply. also i noticed my account has a $95 positive balance i was wondering what that was from(i only had the account turned on for one day).


I am not sure what you mean by ‘turn my account back on’.

If you have cancelled your account and received a refund, assuming your panel log-in is still active, I think you will need to add a plan to your account using the panel. Since you are no longer a ‘new customer’, I doubt whether you can use a promo code.

The other option is to discard your first panel log-in and re-apply for a plan. However, you may need to use a different credit card for the purchase, as your existing credit card will already be in the DreamHost system.

Could this be your refund? If in doubt, contact DreamHost and I am sure they’ll explain what it is.


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