Turning a subdomain into a regular domain

Hello! I’ve been reading through the topics and haven’t found this particular problem just yet. I’ve had a subdomain.dreamhost.com for a couple of years now and recently upgraded to a Sweet Dreams plan. At the same time, I acquired a domain name through the DH registration process on a lark. I’d like to substitute the domain name for the subdomain and begin uploading my site to it, but I’m having problems getting to that point. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


What exactly is the problem? Have you set up your domain name, or registerd your name through the DreamHost web panel? If so, then the domain is ready to go and should be viewable when you login via FTP. Just go ahead and upload straight to the folder and your pages should appear.


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I registered the name through the DreamHost web panel, but I’m having problems connecting to it through FTP. I’ve been using CuteFTP up to now and I want to continue using it. Each time I attempt to connect in the same way I’ve done for the last several years to the subdomain, I can’t find it. Research through the web panel prompts me to chose a plan. I’m not looking to set up a new plan, I want to substitute the domain for the subdomain.


I probably shouldn’t be writing this as I’m not a morning person, but I’m gonna click on the steps as I write. :slight_smile:

As a troubleshooting step, assuming the new domain you registered appears in the Domains, Manage tab, note the Status. Does it say Active? Click Edit on the line where Service Type is Web for the actual domain.

Again, just as a temporary troubleshooting step, you could have the new domain point to the sub-domain content. (Last option on the Web Edit Screen. (A Mirrored Domain (a domain that mirrors another site’s content / browser URL remains the same).) In the pull-down menu off the last option where you’ve placed a dot to select that option, make sure the sub-domain name is there and click Save Web Service.

Wait a few minutes and typing www.newdomainname.com (whatever it is) should show the exact same thing as oldsubdomainname.dreamhost.com

If all this works you know that the domain is active and that the old subdomain content is still there.

I come to the forum randomly but feel free to email me privately jim at pics-by-jim dot com. I’m not a dreamhost staffer obviously, so feel free to contact tech support also. But I’m here if I can help.