Turn away now!



First, Support is very slow. Live chat is never available any more. Most of the problems I have had required 5 second fixes and I’ve had to wait 6+ hours for a fix.

Secondly, I bought a dedicated server in hopes everything would be okay. The first day the server was fully set up one of my databases disappears. I contact support and wait a few hours for them to tell me “The database was never in use. Contact us if you have any more questions”. I contacted them again and told them the database had been in use for over a month. I get another slow response “I just checked again and the database has been empty for over a month”. Yet again, I contacted support and told them to stop being silly, I’ve ran my site off that database for over a month. I attached a screen shot of the database usage from my Cpanel clearly showing the database had been in use. The response I get is " I checked again and the database has been empty since it was made on the 20th. Our MySQL usage tool can be very untrustworthy. I restored the database from the latest backup and it’s still empty". I contacted them again and asked how in the world has my site been keeping user log in and billing information if there was never a database. I never got a response. At this point, all my information is lost. Client billing and log in information completely gone. I created a new database and refunded/credited my clients accounts for the problem. Five days ago, nearly 3 weeks after all this happened, the database just shows up in my cpanel.

Three days ago, I restarted my server. I checked back in 5 minute and all my sites are still down. I submit a ticket with support and wait about 4 hours for a response. The response I get is “Your server was restarting on the wrong run level. I have fixed the problem”. I check and everything works fine. This morning I restarted the server again, checked my sites 5 minutes later and they are still down. I got an answer in about 25 minutes. “Please check the sites now, I have restarted the server from our end.” I checked and it’s still down. I submit another ticket and checked my sites 3 hours after. Everything seems to be up. I tried to input some data and I get a Generic I/O error message. I tried to upload a file on my file host and get the same message. I checked my php.ini settings to make sure nothing was reset and everything looked good. I restart apache from SSH and still I/O errors. The site ran rock solid for 2 weeks until this morning, even after the little event 3 days ago, now nothing works right.

My main site, which I use to pay my bills at home, is useless until I figure out what is wrong or pay someone (again) to fix a problem that should have never occurred. Now I’m scared to even restart my server, which every week handles about 50,000,000 request and should be restarted from time to time.

Seriously, don’t waste your time here.


I’m confused. You are talking about cPanel, which is not what DreamHost uses. They have their own proprietary control panel.

More to the point, during this time, you never thought of backing up your database since it’s so critical to your livelihood? Seems curious, because my dedicated server has no less than 23 databases of various sizes (including one just under 1GB), and I’ve not seen any evidence of corruption. But I still keep backups (the one DreamHost provides for dedicated customers, plus an offline rsync backup in another part of the country).

Now I don’t pretend to now what went wrong with your server, and I see why you’re frustrated. I just had some questions about the issues.



I have an Apache process hanging causing my server to have connection timeout errors. I submitted a ticket and told support that Apache would not restart when I ran the command “sudo /etc/init.d/httpd2 restart”. I got a response that the command was correct. I tried to run it again and now my server is not responding. Another 5 second fix that is taking hours. My site gets about 20 downloads a minute from it and now all people are seeing is “The connection was reset” pages.


It is going on 31 hours without a reply to my support ticket.


I restarted my server 15 minute ago. I checked my site and see this “Can’t connect to Mysql server. at Modules/DataBase.pm line 28.”

I’m going to flush $200+ down the toilet.


I just submitted another ticket. This time, I selected to have someone call me back.

Let’s see how good this works!

I can get my $9.95 refunded if they ever call me back.


Yesterday took about 4 hours to get my server fixed. Today I restarted it again and the SAME PROBLEM.


Sounds to me as if you need some deeper level help there, maybe to rebuild your server?


I got a dedicated server too. The default setup is pretty good (this is a year later than original message), BUT

I chose to self-manage the server because the frequent connections (like every 5 minutes) by Dreamhost’s automated server monitoring and control through the control panel are driving me batty. Also I’d made a few fixes to files, then the automated system overwrote them. Changed to self-management, and everything works fine. Of course, you need to be comfortable with doing that. I’ve got a lot of experience managing unix and linux systems, YMMV.

The backup scripts they have set up still run if you self-manage the server, which is handy.

My most significant complaint is that the default setup is to allow ssh with remote root login, which is a big no-no. It’s fairly easy to fix, you need to change to only allow ssh logins with a RSA or DSA key pair setup already; all the dreamost admin have them, it’s only set to allow password login so YOU can login from home. So you need to get yourself a rsa key (program is ssh-keygen) and put the public keys in your .ssh folder on the server, then (after testing to make sure login works with the key!!!) reconfigure sshd to not allow password access. (attempted logins, mostly from china, occur several times a day still, but with password access disabled the system just ignores the login request…)

There were a few other problems with the default configuration but nothing that makes the system unuseable. (6 ttys and 2 serial line getty’s open in default, all useless…, system changes to runlevel 2 from 4 after booting for some strange reason which I’ve yet to locate the cause of, etc.). Oh, OK, the one other big problem was pop3 and imap mail servers were running on the server by default, despite that all mail (if you use the control panel to set up your users) is handeled by dreamhost’s mail server, not your own. Mail servers are one of the classic security holes, I just disabled, and wrote DH that it shouldn’t be enabled on the dedicated server by default, which the support person who replied agreed with and said would look into changing it. Go to /etc/rc*.d and change all courier service to K01courier so they don’t start at all.


Was this incident ever resolved?