Tunneling SSH for POP and SMTP


Hello! Please excuse this questions if they seem basic - I’m a brand-new DreamHost customer.

I’m trying to tunnel SMTP (port 25) and POP (port 110) using SSH (PuTTY) .

  1. What server do I SSH to? Web server or e-mail server?
  2. In the client mail account settings, what are the usernames? My shell account(s)? E-mail addresses?
  3. What do I put as the POP and SMTP servers in my mail client (Outlook)? “localhost”?
  4. Any other special port settings?
  5. Can I have more than one PuTTY session active at once in order to tunnel for more than one mailbox at one time? If so, do I specify different server names or are they all “localhost”?

I would very much appreciate some step-by-step instructions from someone who does this and might have a little patience to write it up.

I’ve been blown away by the wealth of information in the wiki and the forums, and it’s been very helpful in getting started. However, I’ve tried and tried and I can’t find the answer to this question.



I see that no-one has answered.

If you still need this, let me know by replying and I will tell you how.

Julian Knight


I’m not sure whether you can do that. But you can give it a try.

If you want to access email, I believe you should SSH to E-mail server. You can find out the E-mail server name via DH panel --> Mail --> Webmail

It should be your full email address. Or your email name (something like mxxxxxxx). You can find them out via DH panel --> Mail --> Manage Email

See above.

smtp: mail.yourdomain.com port: 25 or 587
pop: mail.yourdomain.com port 110

Yes. You can always save your current session and it will be listed in saved sessions.

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