Tumblr Sub-Domain/CNAME not working

I’m trying to add a CNAME to my existing website for a subdomain (ie blog._______.ca) that points to Tumblr.

I’ve followed all the instructions that are on Tumblr and it’s STILL not working.

I’ve seen a few posts here without real answers for Tumblr specifically (I used to have it pointed to Blogger and it was fine/no problems).

I’ve done this before, and with a different hosting company a few weeks ago, and all is fine.

It seems like the combination of DreamHost and Tumblr is the problem.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Tumblr is even saying that it’s point to google still and not to tumblr, despite the fact that it isn’t true.

Any help?

Can we have the domain name please. Being able to look at your DNS will produce a much better answer.

Add the subdomain as a redirect.

blog.mcavoy.ca is what I need to be linked to cmcavoy.tumblr.com
also, I dont want it to redirect to tumblr…and then have that address come up.

I just want the subdomain to show the tumblr page.
Like it should, when you add the CNAME and point it at tumblr (which should say: domains.tumblr.com)

C:\Users>nslookup blog.mcavoy.c

Non-authoritative answer:
Name: ghs.l.google.com
Addresses: 2607:f8b0:4001:c02::79
Aliases: blog.mcavoy.ca

You have a mess of DNS records there… Delete them all and enter one cname to cmcavoy.tumblr.com

your nameservers are

So you can not change this at dreamhost.

Yea, I have a webmaster for this particular domain…I will send her this info.

I believe she said she flushed the DNS, but I guess not?
She sent me a screen grab of dreamhost so I assumed it was hosted here, guess it’s just the domain name?

Thanks for your help guys!

interesting because ns1, ns2 and ns3.dreamhost.com have no records for that domain. I wonder how that screenshot got forged… xD

Well IF the domain name was bought at DreamHost you can technically add CNAME’s etc…it just wont do anything at all hah.

I’ve made that mistake the first time I tried to add one to a website…and realized the mistake.

But since I don’t control all this myself, I didn’t know it wasn’t hosted here, and I just assumed because thats where the screenshot came from.

Yay troubleshooting with no control hah.

if the nameservers are


you can’t do anything with the “CNAME’s etc” at dreamhost, you would have to use the control panel at hostexcellence.com

Strange, she says it’s hosted here…this mystery is getting even bigger.

So is my headache.

Check http://www.whoishostingthis.com/

A lot of people get domains and registrars and hosts confused.