TUMBLR redirecting domain and REMOVING FULL HOSTING?

Hi there,

I just spent alot of time moving my old Wordpress blog directory to selflearnla.org/2010_2011

and now I would like to redirect my Tumblr site to my selflearnla.org domain.

I attempted to do that by using these instructions from http://blog.orely.at/post/2449278937/setting-up-tumblr-domain-hosted-dreamhost:
[i][i]When I was setting up my Tumblr account, I wanted to use a subdomain as the address of this blog. The primary domain is hosted at DreamHost, and found it very easy to make this setting by following these steps:

At the DreamHost control panel, access “Manage Domains” (or click here);
Under each registered domain there’s a list of options. Click “DNS” under the domain you want to point to your blog;
If you want to use your primary domain as the blog URL (e.g. myname.com), leave blank the field “Name”. If you prefer to use a subdomain (e.g. blog.myname.com), enter it in this field. Note that you do not need to create a subdomain before, just fill out this field so that it works;
Under “Type”, select “A”;
Under “Value”, enter the following IP address:
Under “Comment”, type a unique identifier just for your own organization. The field is optional;
Click “Add Record Now!” to finish.
Almost Done! Now we need to configure Tumblr:

At the Dashboard, click “Customize” on the options list at the right side (or click here);
Under the “Info” tab, check “Use a custom domain name”. Then, below, enter the address you set at DreamHost (e.g. myname.com or blog.myname.com);
Click “Save” at the top right corner to save the changes.[/i][/i]

AND it hasn’t updated my tumblr blog to my selflearnla.org site. Further searching suggested I remove the “FULLY HOSTED” option, but if I do so, I am afraid I’ll lose my gmail access as well as other hosted pages on selflearnla.org including selflearnla.or/2010_2011 where I moved my old blog directory.

Is there someway to customize my tumblr domain, as well as still use my hosting service/gmail?

THANKS, working on a deadline and appreciate ALL assistance.

How long did you wait? DNS propagation does not bring instant joy. If you are in the US you should see your changes within 12-24 hours, add another day or two for some world wide locations.

The changes were made over the night, but other pages hosted on the site have been removed or are have become inaccessible, any suggestions…

I have backup files, but I REALLY hope I didn’t lose data where I relocated my backup files.

My FTP program won’t login and I can’t get into the phpMYadmin, It sends me to a incorrect link page via tumblr.

Any clues with what might be wrong.

Appreciate any assistance!!