Tumblr & my account


Hey everyone.

I did a search to see if anyone has had similar problems, and although I found some dialogue regarding the situation, I cannot seem to find a straight answer…

In order to have my tumblr blog (kpfoster.tumblr.com) redirect to my domain (kpfoster.com); Tumblr’s instructions are to change the A record to

Here is what I’ve entered into Tumblr:

Then, I changed my A record to

So far so good, tumblr recognizes the A record change:

But now, when I go to kpfoster.com, it just shows me a directory tree, not kpfoster.tumblr.com

The A-Record was changed about 14 days ago, so it has had ample time to propogate/change/etc.

I also tried to edit the .htaccess file in the site folder to redirect to kpfoster.tumblr.com, but I’m not looking for a redirect… and I get loop errors.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong? any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance…

EDIT: Not sure why the IMG tags aren’t working, changed descriptions into links. [hr]
Found my answer.

For those who need to know, do what I did per above, but:

  • Set your domain to be DNS only. Delete the fully hosted option.
  • Add another A record with Name: WWW Type: A Value: - This adds the A record for both www. and just domain.com

Works like a charm! Thanks!