TTFB terrible after fresh install

Hi! I’ve been a Dreamhost customer for close to a decade now. Over the past year or two, the time to first byte speeds have been awful across all my WordPress installations.

So, I just bought a new domain and setup a new WordPress installation. No plugins, no templates, no modifications, no nothing. Just WP 3.8 setup on a brand new instance.

I’ve been getting TTFB times around 20 - 60+ seconds, though every once in a while it’s 2 seconds (which gives Dreamhost support a nice out to say “Works fine here. Bye!”)

I’m on the wolfsbane server. “saxophone:ziko” MySQL Server. Selected PHP 5.4 Fast. Page Optimization ON. Extra security OFF.

Support, could you restart Apache? Or see if my MYSQL server and PHP server are in the same data center? Thanks.

Hi Blaze, it was the Apache alright. I killed off all the hanging processes on your Apache instance and restarted it. Your site’s now loading quickly. :slight_smile: Sorry for the inconvenience. If it happens again, please let us know by submitting a support ticket, starting a Live Chat or tweeting us @DreamHostCare. We’ll help!

Awesome. Thank you.