TTFB is way to high


Hello All,

New forums member, but long-time DH customer. Over the last couple of years, I’ve noticed that my DH service has gotten slower and slower. I host all WP sites and have been performing tests on them regularly. I’ve noticed that one of the primary causes of my site(s) being slow is because of the TTFB, which is indicative of a server/network/DB related issue. I’ve been through support a few times now, and haven’t really received anything concrete as to why it takes on average 2+ seconds for TTFB from their servers.

I’ve set up short accounts with other reputable hosts out there on shared hosting, and I get sub-500ms TTFB on the same exact website hosted with them. In that not all my sites are optimized for vast performance, they are not large sites, but I would expect the server to have enough resources to be able to serve them up without issue, which doesn’t appear to be the case.

I’m currently hosted on ‘dallas’ in the Oregon DC.

PHP 7.3.11 (512MB Memory)
MySQL 5.7.25
WP Optimized
Web Security Off

This kind of says it all, no?

Anyone else having any issues like this?


A basic WP install on shared hosting should be able to achieve sub-500ms TTFB in North America, especially if caching is enabled.

Possibly you have some slow plugins installed with no caching? That could easily produce multi-second TTFB.


The site is fully optimized as much as it can go. It’s not just a single site of mine, its basically all of them. My argument is coming after trying another hosting service with the exact same site loaded, and the TTFB is less than half of what DH is in most instances. This tells me it is not my installation. This is something on the server side.

Here’s a comparison of the exact same website on 2 different hosts…

DH GTMetrix

Other Host GTMetrix


I’d ask support if they could move you to a less busy server. IMO all evidence points to limited resource availability, likely caused by other sites.


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