TT-RSS, can't get the database linked to the domain

I’m proficient enough with computers to build them and fix my parents’ router problems, but I’m a total newb to self-hosting and web design.

I am trying to install Tiny Tiny RSS on a subdomain, following the instructions here:

I have created the subdomain and SQL database, imported the SQL file, and and am now on Step 3.
I’ve created the “config.php” file in my unpacked folder, and edited it according to the instructions on my desktop using Notepad++.

What do I do from here? How do I upload this config file to my database? When I go to my URL, it still says I “haven’t uploaded a website yet.” Wasn’t that when I uploaded my SQL?

Thanks in advance.

Are you still having trouble? It’s usually out of the scope of our support to help with installs like this one, but I’m willing to take a look! Just to see if anything jumps out at me. What’s your domain? :slight_smile:

I actually figured it out today! The files weren’t uploading to FTP, so I did it manually. I plan on putting together a tutorial.