Trying to use own version of ruby/rails with, getting 500 errors. .htaccess problem?

I’m trying to run the newest version of ruby and rails on a shared hosting plan, and that part seems fine. When I type ruby -v and rails -v, it returns the proper versions, 4.x and 2.x instead of the default 3.x and 1.8.x, forget the exact numbers. But, after creating a simple test app, when I create my dispatch.fcgi file and try to redirect everything through there using a .htaccess file, I get a 500 error returned. In my home/user/logs/ file, I get the following:

I’m trying to follow a guide found here, so my dispatch.fcgi and .htaccess files look exactly the same as found there, just modified slightly to comply with my username/file setup.

Hi Dudd, have you tried checking the conversation below yet?