Trying to upload zipped files


last week i uploaded a new template for my joomla site to the ajax thing so that my joomla site would see it and allow me to choose it.
i dont remember how i did it exactly.
I DID NOT extract the files on my computer and then create a boatload of new directories using webftp and then open a boatload of files on my computer and then upload them in groups into the correct directories uing webftp.

i am by no means an expert in any of this, but i absolutely managed to get a zipped file from artisteer uploaded and unzipped into my webftp (is that how it should be referred to as? “webftp”? i dont even know) and functional on my joomla site.

what other ways could i have succeeded? any ideas?

again, I DID NOT use SSH, shell, or whatever it is called, and i did not spend several minutes if not hours opening and copying all the folders and files associated with the template.

thanks in advance for any help

i did some searching but no luck in finding how i did it.
apparently you have to use this ssh thing, but im sure i didnt, unless i could have done it by mistake without having any special software and without having ever turned on the SSH option under manage users.

blah, i figured out how i did it
uploaded it through the joomla admin area.
took me an hour to realize that
well, at least maybe this will help somebody else