Trying to understand memory usage mistery

I have a Wordpress blog site ( ) that uses about 35MB of memory (as says a WP plugin I recently installed).
The site is often slow, even adding new posts through the WP dashboard often leads to a 404 error.
Support says that occurs when memory usage exceeds the preset limit. Unfortunately, they are not willing to say what that limit is.
So now I’m really puzzled: besides the fact that if my blog is actually using 35MB of memory (I’ve been monitoring that value for a while and I’ve never seen it go beyond that), that’s a quite low usage, so how come it exceeded the preset limit ? Perhaps the limit is just around that value ? Why customers are not allowed to know how much memory is dedicated to each account ?

Ahh, because it isn’t assigned or dedicated to a particular account. At least not on a shared server plan. Memory available is dependent on what else is being used by other people at that particular moment in time.

Since more and more websites are going dynamic, and every app & addon requires some memory usage, VPS accounts are more necessary that they used to be. Well, anyway, that is what I told myself to justify the cost of an upgrade :slight_smile:

Disable all plugin and check which plugin is creating such problem. In my case the cache plugin was creating such problems. If the same problem is with you choose some light weight plugin like hypercache. Signup for Pingdom to monitor your blog.