Trying to signup for an account

I am trying to signup for a managed wordpress account and when I choose I own this domain and hit continue it just sits spinning and eventually times out. When I try to contact support, I fill out the form and hit submit and nothing happens. Not a good first experience. I’ve heard great things about Dreamhost but I am looking at moving hosts because of several bad customer support experiences.

It’s now sort of comical. After posting this I get an email from their sales team asking me to continue my purchase (which I never knew even processed.) So I respond to the email and get the reply below:

We’re sorry, but your email was unable to be processed by our automatic
support system:

We could not find your email address in our customer database, so we
were unable to accept your email. Due to the HUGE volume of spam we
receive, we’ve been forced to implement this policy.

You can submit a message to us via the form on our web site at:

All messages submitted through that form will be received, even if
you aren’t currently a customer!

Our apologies for the inconvenience,
The Happy DreamHost Support Team!

We apologize for any inconvenience, you should try the following:
Try using a different web browser especially if you were initially trying originally using Safari.
Clear your browsers cache (
If you are trying to sign up with a new domain please make sure that it is not a premium domain or that it is not already in use (

Please let us know if this does not work.