Trying to sign-up


I’m trying to sign-up for DH, but the sign-up screen is a little confusing. I am at the point where I need to choose between check/google. I don’t want to use Google, but then I don’t have any option to go further…

Am I missing something?

Why don’t you want to use google if you can ?

If you want to use your credit card or paypal you need to ask on support.

Don’t forget to specify your dreamhost account #

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I never realized this problem before.

Here you have a solution. You can sign up an account without any hosting plan in

Log into the panel and add hosting plan in DH panel --> Billing --> Manage Accounts --> Add Hosting plan

However, I’ll suggest you to contact DH support first as moua mentioed to better instructions.

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And don’t forget that not using google checkout could affect your ability to request a refund in your first 97 days.

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Thanks. I signed-up, and decided to pay via google after-all.
Now my account says that I don’t have any plans, but I chose the Level 1 plan. Is that normal?

Until your account is activated it will not show up. You should receive an account email in 24 hours.

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Or perhaps a little longer…

I recall a DreamHost representative saying on these forums that it can sometimes take Google up to 3 days to notify DreamHost of a payment. :frowning:


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As mark mentioned, it may take some time for your account to be activated. If you have waited too long, you can send a ticket to DH support to remind them via DH panel --> Support --> Contact Support

Welcome to DH and good luck :wink:

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Thanks all. I’ve received my account activation notice. I now noticed something in my billing status, under “Create New Account”, that confuses me - it says:

“Started: 2007-03-06
This Billing Cycle: 2007-03-06 thru 2007-04-05
You are rebilled on day 6 of each month (if you owe more than $9.23).
You currently owe: $0 make payment”

I paid a year up-front. Did I miss something?

And sorry for all the posts, I promise this won’t continue for long.


The billing cycle shown is normal, look below that section on the Billing->Manage Account page, below this you will see Hosting Plans, under this you will see the “Paid Thru (end date)” of your hosting.

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You will see your account information under Billing --> Manage accounts. “Create New Account” is sometimes confusing. It is used to create a new account in this account. Just remember, we seldom create new accounts here.

If you do not see “pending” in your account, it is already approved. You can start uploading files and hosting your website. To upload files, you can go to DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains --> WebFTP. To create database, DH panel --> Goodies --> MySQL

Welcome to DH!

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Since it appears that none of the other guys answered your question about “billing cycle”, I will.

Despite having paid for a year of service, DH runs a monthly billing cycle. Seems strange until you realize that that same cycle is the one that causes your usage to reset each month. So, the trick is that the billing cycle is just used to calculate your usage limits and to ensure that anything you do that creates extra charges (registrations, overages, unique IP) are billed at that time.


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