Trying to setup an SSL Cert for a CNAME

How do I go about setting up an SSL Certificate for a CNAME on Dreamhost?

The site itself (ie is secured via SSL. But I have direct to another site via a CNAME. I’d like to obtain and assign an SSL Certificate for that CNAME. Thanks!

We apologize for any inconvenience, are these CNAME sites hosted through us? Currently, you can only use SSL on fully hosted domains with us.

The site (ie is hosted at Dreamhost and I setup the CNAME through Dreamhost as well. The site the CNAME points to is an external vendor not under my control, and NOT hosted by Dreamhost.

A subdomain (ie can be hosted, or a CNAME, but not both, is that correct? If so, what’s the solution here? Thanks!

Since the site is hosted by a third party external vendor, they need to provide and host a certificate that works with the CNAME.

There are no other options, the 3rd party must host the certificate.