Trying to set up wordpress page

I’m trying to set up my wordpress page however a msg with this keeps coming up >> “You need an active hosting plan to install One-Click software”… I paid like 7.95 for a year for something however I’m not sure whether that was just for my domain name or so 'Dreamhost could set up the blog for me…can someone please help ?? Thanks

Please click on “account status” on the top right corner after you log into DH panel. Do you see a hosting plan under your account? If no, most likely you’ve registered a domain name but haven’t purchased a hosting plan yet.

Under ‘Hosting plan’, it says 'special (registration or dedicated) …whatever that means hmmm. So this means i don’t have a hosting plan as of yet? under ‘domains Hosted’, it states ‘0 plus 0 domains’. so if i don’t have a hosting plan as of yet, does this mean I just

use my domain name and set up a wordpress blog myself? Thanks :slight_smile:

You don’t have a hosting plan yet. You will need a hosting plan somewhere to host your wordpress blog.

If you want to host the wordpress blog in DH, you need to purchase a hosting plan. If you already have a hosting plan elsewhere, you need to modify your DNS and point to the right place.

i’ll add a ccouple things, you should be able to set up a basic wordpress site using dreamhostapps without purchasing a hosting plan.

Additionally if you do purchase hosting, there is a two week free trial these days, but you must be very careful to sign up with a valid credit card that will accept a small charge and refund at the time of sign-up. After the two week free trial is up, you also have a 97-day money back guarantee. If you are smart and use a referral code like ‘TAKE97NOW’ to get $97.00 off signup then you will host the entire first year for just a few dollars.