Trying to set up two websites – completely lost

I have a full hosting account with two domains. I thought I had done a One-click Install of WordPress on both of them. Now, on One-click Install page it says:

You currently have no active domains with us. You’ll need to add one before installing any software!

When I click on the above add one link it takes me to the Manage Domains page where it shows DNS Only under the Web Hosting column.

Under Account Status says: Hosting Plan: L1: yearly rebill. Domains Hosted: 0 plus 0 subdomains

TIA for any help

At the top of Manage Domains, there should be a link for Add New Domain. Click on that and set up your two domains to be Fully Hosted. Once that’s set up, go to the One-Click installs and install WordPress Advanced Mode in each of those domains.

Either that, or the one-click install is stuck in a queue somewhere, but I’d go with the Advanced install into a Fully Hosted domain for future ability to modify your setup.

That did it Scott, thank you!