Trying to set up django

I’m setting up django according to the instructions at I am using Winscp.

When I get to the part were I execute command:


I get “Host is not communicating for more than 15 seconds. Still waiting…”

It never does anything.

I can see the file is in the right directory, so I know it’s in there.

How are you executing that command? The error message you’re describing isn’t one that the script would ever generate.

I’m executing from the command line from Winscp.

That’s perfectly normal behavior :wink:

WinSCP is just letting you know that the server hasn’t responded back (yet!) so just wait patiently for the script to finish server-side, after which the server will send a response to WinSCP and all should be good.

The Django install script is interactive — if WinSCP is just trying to run it and wait for it to finish, it’ll never get anywhere. You’ll probably need to switch to a SSH client (like PuTTY) for this job.

New Problem:

Can’t get Django admin site to work.

I tried the following commands …

python runserver python runserver 8080 python runserver

The develop server runs but when I use the web browser on the above I get “This webpage is not available” errors. I had to change the port to get it work initially because of “port in use” errors but I got past that by changing the port.

I tried this as well…

and I get Page not found (404)

The development server seems to working, but I can’t get to the admin site