Trying to obtain .com domain name

I have purchased a .net domain name. I also want to obtain the .com version, which is owned by someone else.

I’ve e-mailed the owner of the .com domain name, with no response. Any suggestions how to proceed from here?

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If he hasn’t responded, it could be because maybe he doesn’t wish to sell the domain or maybe he is inactive with the domain. Another possibility could be that he is inactive on the email id he has registered the domain with. If he doesn’t wish to resell it, there’s nothing we can possibly do. There is however some hope that if he is inactive with the domain, by the time his purchase expires, if he doesn’t renew his registration, it will be made available for purchase online and then you can purchase it.

Why don’t you try a similar domain name? or innovate the domain name so that you may find a possibly vacant domain.

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If the owner does not want to sell it, you cannot buy it. It is very simple.

If the owner is not responding, there is not much you can about it.

About all you can do is to monitor the domain to see whether the owner fails to renew its registeration. That’s how I got mine.

There are services that will do this for you, but you may have to pay.

You can just really wait for that domain to expire really. If you want, the least thing that could help you obtain it is by using a software or a site that alerts you via email of a domain that is about to expire. You see, once a domain is expire, there’s a chance that its auto renew is off and the owner may not register it right away thinking that no one else wants it. If you’re lucky and the owner doesn’t register it right away and the domain registrant opens the domain for auction and you receive about it in your email, register it under your own name right away.

I know that this reply is a long time after the posting, but it may help someone.
If the owner allows the domain to expire, there is always the possibility that someone will register it before you can get there. Some people use software to get in there quicker than humanly possible. Why not try to contact him/her through his domain registrar? They may be willing to forward a message or ask him if he is willing to communicate with you. If he has been renewing his domain annually there is every chance that he has an active email account that he uses for it. You may even find that email with a whois search.
If you do have one or more emails for him, try rewording your email. He may never see your emails if they are going into his spam filter. There are certain words and phrases that trigger the filter, so try to keep it simple until you get a response.

Also, I would love to hear how it worked out for you jona56.

Inform him that you will pay how much he asks.


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My response is a long time coming as well, because I hadn’t seen your post. Thanks for the advice!

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