Trying to log in to this IMAP account failed


Our email host (previously Yahoo) is now Dream Host and I am having a bumpy transition.

I keep getting this error in trying to load my email into Mac Mail (I’m running Mail 8 on OS 10.10.5 Yosemite).

“Trying to log in to this IMAP account failed. Verify that the username and password are correct.”

The username and password are correct. The domain and email are not new, just that Dream Host is now the email host.

Any insight here?

Also, since Webmail is my only plan B, can anyone point me to where I can change my password?


first of all you should check does your email in the “intermiten” connection server, since some mail server have problems right now.

in case you forgot your login is your full email address

you can change your email password using mailbox usually

if you forgot your password you can always access your go to mail section and change your password there.

I hope it help you

Unsure how Apple handles things, however…

IMAP Mail Server Name: You’ve Got Mailserver
Secure Port (incoming) : 993
Secure Port (outgoing) : 465
User Name : user@domain.tld
Password : super_secret_unguessable_brilliance
Connection Security : SSL/TLS