Trying to install drupal, need help


I’m trying to figure out building websites with Drupal. I read the beginner tutorials on . Now I installed Drupal 6.4 to my DreamHost account. Changed the deafult settings file, as it says. But when I type my site on the browser, it keeps loading and loading. The installation tutorial says I should have been guided to the database installation screens, but it doesn’t show up. What could be the problem?

Besides, I would greatly appreciate your tutorial suggestions. I know very little about web site building and Drupal. I need any kind of information about these, for newbies particularly.


I’m not good at drupal but there is an article in wiki.

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Did you install with the One-Click system?

Drupal has quite a learning curve. I’ve not looked for tutorials, but I’ve just endlessly fiddled with the thing. And then I fell out of practice and forgot most everything.


Below is a link you might find useful