Trying to install activecollab

But it won’t let me. Telling me that I have 4.xx of PHP and I need 5. What do I do?

I found activecollab from the links to open source software in’s site so I know for sure this is supported.


Set your domain on Dreamhost to use PHP5 instead of PHP4.

You do this by going to Domains->Manage Domains in the Dreamhost Control Panel, and clicking the “Edit” link that appears to the right of the domain in question.

At the next screen, select the radio button for PHP5, and submit the form.

Once the setting takes effect (usually 5-10 minutes, though it could be longer) you are “good to go”. You know that change has taken place when the “clock icon” next to the domain in the Manage Domains screen goes away (it indicates a change is “pending”).


Great thank you!!

I installed phpBB and wordpress blogging scripts, will I need to reinstall these?

You should not have to re-install either of them, as the One-Click installer indicates that they can be run under PHP4 or PHP5.

One thing you might consider, in the event the use of PHP 5 could cause some issue with stuff you might want to install later, is to install ActiveCollab in its own sub-domain (such as, etc.) and just set that subdomain to use PHP5, leaving your main domain running PHP 4.


Thank you for all of your help!