Trying to install a 2nd WP blog

I’m trying to create another blog under a different domain on the same server and have uploaded according to the wordpress instructions. I changed the database prefix in my config file.When I run the install.php I get the following:“You appear to have already installed WordPress. To reinstall please clear your old database tables first.”

See likn:

It appears since I already have Wordpress installed on the server I can’t install another and according to the wp instructions I should be able to. And the moderator of their forum was less then helpful or nice.

Can anyone help?

Without seeing the whole setup, I don’t know. I’ve not tried installing two instances in the same database. The codex says it’s possible:


Unless I’m missing something, or you already got it worked out… it’s saying it’s already installed because it is.

Take the /wp-admin/install.php away and there is a Wordpress blog at

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I did follow the codex word for word…the problem only occurs when I am suppose to install.

No it is not worked out. I have it set up right now on a free account on (with their DNS). I want to transfer it to my server with the WP download.

The is so limited in options and themes:-(

What is there to transfer? The blog at that address is an empty default installation with no content.

The domain seems to be hosted with Hostdime. So if the domain isn’t hosted here and you’re doing something free at, I’m not seeing how running the install script at another host is going to install anything at Dreamhost?

If it’s something you want to setup here before moving the domain, you might want to look at these wiki articles:

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