Trying to get my website online

just purchased the code monster package form dreamhost. I’ve made my website using front page and I want to put my website online. Ive managed to login to that publish site thing using front page. I click on the FTP option.
I want to upload my sight but I dont really know what to do.
Ive tried just clicking and dragging the page form my local site to the remote site. But if i them go to the web page using internet explorer; first I get a weird white page with the names of the pages Ive uploaded and then if i click on one of the names of these pages I get a “page cannot be displayed” error page.
I want to have it so that when someone goes to my domain adress it goes to my home page and you can actually see the pages. I only purchased the account recently and dreamhost an email said
"It will probably take 1-3 days for your domain to begin to work as the new dns information propagates across the Internet" Does this mean I wont be able to see if my website is working for this long evn on my computer??
Sorry Im really new to all this.

Thanks for your time

Reply as soon as possible.


Do you have a page that’s named index.html? This should be the main page you want people to see when they first go to your website, that links to all your other pages. Once you have an index uploaded, the problem with the white page should go away. Good luck!

No I dont have a page called index, Do I just create on or should I rename my home page. My remote web site already has a few folders in it. Which folder should I upload my files to?

OK just changed the hmepage to index, I uploaded it to the first folder called “"
Now when I go to the website the error message comes up straight away " tHIS PAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED”

The problem is that I can upload/ publish the pages onto the remote web site but the pages dont come out as they should they all say This page cannot be displayed. Am I only meant to publis the pages in *htm format or should I just upload the whole my website folder?.

Yep, just rename your homepage to index.html.

You should upload your website files to the folder that’s named (the one that’s the actual name of your domain, that is).

added edit while you posted so read up!

What format are you trying to upload the pages as?

I dont know how do I find out?

heres the website

You should now see the problem??

Is Gallery.htm your home page?

If so, it looks like you’re using a Frontpage template, which has added a lot of stuff to the HTML that makes your home page look for things that aren’t there. For example:

Means that you need to have a stylesheet uploaded for the page to work. Not only that, but it’s still referencing the Frontpage directories on your computer, which won’t be the same as your website’s directories.

Another example here:

It makes your page look for a file named “contents theme only.htm” in a directory named contents above your website’s directory, which probably doesn’t exist either.

You might be better off learning HTML from scratch and writing your own HTML in a basic text editor. Another alternative is to continue using Frontpage but without relying on their template files. Let me know if you need any help in those areas.

I have maid my website for a very long time,
Those pages I uploaded were just one of the pages from my frontpage webiste, Should I upload the whole website? Ive done it all in front page and when I preview in internet explorer it all works fine. I dont understand…

help, so can I still upload my website?

It works when you preview it because all the Frontpage files referenced in your website pages are available on your own computer. These same files, unless you upload them, are not available online.

There’s no easy fix that doesn’t require a firmer understanding of HTML, linking, and directories, though, which is why I recommend learning how these things work before continuing. Good luck.

I got quite a lot of webspace,

Would it be possible to simply upload all the files?
Includinng the ones things are linked to?

Here’s something you can try:

Based on what you’ve shown me so far, you have at least two, possibly more, “extra” directories made by Frontpage that need to be uploaded. These are named “_themes” and “contents”, and I’m guessing you can find them in the same place on your computer. To be safe, you might want to try uploading anything else that’s in the same folder as well.

Figuring out where to put what directory in your webspace is going to be a bit like a jigsaw puzzle. As you recall, the Gallery.htm page wants to reference this:

The …/ means that it will go one level up from the directory Gallery.htm is placed in (, and look for “_themes” in your home directory. As you upload directories from Frontpage, you need to find cues from the HTML like the example above and then place the directories accordingly.

Hope this helped.

FrontPage sucks; it produces a lot of proprietary stuff that won’t work well in all browsers. You’re much better off dumping it and learning HTML yourself, which you can edit in any plain-text editor. You’re also well-off to learn about URL syntax and site structuring so you know exactly what files and subdirectories are being referred to within your pages and know what files need to go where.

Internet Explorer also sucks; you’re best off getting a decent browser like Mozilla Firefox.

Some useful links:

– Dan

Ok Ive sorted a lot of it out

One of the main problems was that DreamHost was running so slow for the last few days. It was taking ages to upload a file.

Im just uploading it bit by bit.


Ive got stuff to show up now its all gonna be ok…