Trying to get hosting at DH but

My client registered an account with DH on my recommendation on August 7th. She has still not received her login info. She’s contacted customer service twice and has not gotten any response. Does anyone know what’s going on here?

It could be any number of things, from some problem with her signup information, or her payment method, to her not receiving welcome/response emails at her email address (maybe she mis-typed it at signup, or had them end up in her spam filter).

We are only customers here so we can only guess; DreamHost support would have the best/accurate answer(s). :wink:

Two things I suggest trying:

  1. Have your client login to the web panel and review her support history - this will include any email from DreamHost that she did not receive in her inbox - by checking there, she may find either a welcome message with credentials, or other contact from support that she didn’t see in her email

  2. In addition to submitting a new support ticket, if she feels they are not being received by DH support for some reason, she could try contacting them via the form at http://dreamhost/com/contact.cgi.


Thanks rlparker. I’m new to DH so I appreciate the advice. Will try what you suggest.

You are welcome, and good luck to you and and your client in getting it sorted out! :wink: