Trying to edit the CSS itself

The developper who did the upgrade on my site is no longer around. I am trying to change an image in the sidebar of my movies site. There is a difference in sizing, between what’s expressed in the CSS template, and what works for me. I want a squared image, but the CSS written by my developper is 292px x 222px.

How do I go into the actual CSS of my site to make that change? Barring that, what else can you suggest?

(I have added the image, a square, to my site’s library via FTP, but it’s not displaying, because of that difference in the size. I have changed the size in the widget logic itself, but it’s not having an effet (please see screenshots)

screenshots explained:

(1) from Chrome, in “view source.” That’s the part I’d like to EDIT, change the sizing there
(2) from my site’s dashboard, widget specs


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