Trying to create WP

…oddly, after I install WordPress for a friend of mine who is trying to set up her own blog (using a user I created for her, her own URL (which I’m hosting) and her own SQL DB), it pops up as “Another WordPress Blog” and there are no recognized user names on it.

Why can’t she log in? Or me, for that matter?

If I recall correctly this is what a default wordpress installation looks like after it is installed. If you used the one-click installer you should have received an email outlining what steps to take setting up the blog, and if I recall you get to setup the password during the install, sorry I can’t help much more, I haven’t installed wordpress in a long time.

If you need more help let me know and I’ll perform a test install to refresh my memory.

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In the end I deleted everything, including the SQL DB, and just started from scratch and ran install.php immediately. It worked – I still have no idea if somebody just wandered across the “naked” WP and did their own illicit install the first time, or what.

If you don’t run through the install.php script right after WP is installed, though, anyone who runs that (public, unsecured) install script will be given the admin password in about 5 seconds. That’s a reasonably big security hole if you’re using a popularish domain name and don’t have time to run install.php right away…

That’s because the one-click installer makes things as easy as possible for you by generating a config.php file with the database details you provided in the panel. If that’s an unacceptable security risk for you, then simply install WordPress yourself.
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