Trying to create RSS feed

I’m trying to find a way to post a news style RSS feed. I’m managing my homeowner’s association website and I’m trying to streamline the information we post. I’d like it to be a RSS feed that updates with news we write as we post it, but I don’t know how to create something to post. I know how to subscribe to an existing RSS feed, but I’m trying to figure out how to create the information. I’m using iWeb 09 which allows creating an RSS reader.

Not sure if that makes sense and if there is a better way, please let me know. Right now, I have to manually go into my web editor software, modify the text, then repost the HTML.

Most RSS feeds are automatically generated by whatever blogging software or content management system is being used. If you have written your own application for doing this, you will need to generate your own feeds. This is fairly easy if your application is built around a database back end, because you can generate the feed by pulling the information straight from the database; however, if you do not use a database (like if you write static pages of HTML) you will need to create your feeds manually.

For database-based sites, there are basically two approaches to generating RSS feeds:

  1. Create a “static” page by drawing the data from the database and writing into an XML file. This is the best approach if you have a heavy access load to handle.

  2. Generate a “dynamic” page by drawing the data from the database and spitting it out upon request. If you go down this route, you may need to arrange for some sort of caching if the load becomes heavy.

I use the first option with my hand-rolled, PHP-based blogging application. I pull the information of the database, format it into valid RSS (also Atom) and then write it into a static file. This happens whenever I create a new blog entry, or update an existing one. You can see the resulting file here: View the source of the file to see how to correctly format a simple RSS feed.

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I have iWeb, but have not tapped into its RSS feature. However, many other have, as evidenced by a Google search for “iweb rss”

And here’s a bunch of stuff from the Apple website: rss