Trying to access phpmyadmin


Hi - I’m really new to this and have no idea what I’m doing.

However, I’m trying to access phpmyadmin - I know the mysql hostname but when I go there it’s a website that says “Welcome! This domain was registered at Please check back later!”

Do I need to first transfer my domain name in order to get access?

Thanks for your help!


You don’t necessarily need to transfer the domain to DreamHost, but you do at least need to set it to use our nameservers. Otherwise there’s nothing to associate the domain with us.

Instructions for doing this on Namecheap are here:

… and the nameservers you want are / /


Thank you so much for your incredibly quick response.

So now when I go to the mysql page I get a 404. I’m guessing that’s just because it takes time for the domain to transfer and I shouldn’t freak out?


could be between 1 and 72 hours, so relax