Trying out a VPS

I’m currently on a shared hosting plan, I’m thinking of trying a VPS, is their a cost to upgrade? If I change my mind can I switch back to shared? Is there a cost for downgrading if I do?


You can move your domains back and forth from shared to VPS and back. The costs for VPS are higher than shared hosting. Costs are detailed on

This article has more details on how to migrate domains to VPS:

To move back to shared hosting, delete the VPS and its content will be migrated to a shared account.

Thanks for the help @smaffulli!!!

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One more question… My SQL databases are still hosted on shared servers, if I cancel my shared hosting plan, can I still keep the DBs on their shared servers?

Thanks Again!

Yes, shared MySQL databases are included in the VPS and you can safely cancel the shared hosting billing once the domains/sites have migrated to VPS.

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