Try Answering Important Support Tickets Quicker Than 4 Hours

Just signed up to a $60 a month plan, with a very urgent need to switch my hosting to DreamHost - and yet no-one has answered my two urgent support tickets posted 4 hours ago. Terrible service. I can’t believe you don’t even have a live chat facility. I want my money back.

Thank you for contacting us! We strive to answer all tickets within our 24 hour guarantee, we offer also Live Chat to all our customers for more urgent issues:

If you can supply a support ticket# or domain on the account we can look into the status.

Matt C

To: TrickyMatt
TrickyMatt, as a 10 year client I must say that DH support wasn’t like this all the time. Don’t be rush turning away since DH IS the best hoster out there.
To DH Matt: I must agree, the support has got slow over the time. Simple issue on a basic DH product takes way to much time to get ticket response. Inquiry on chat after almost 2 days leads to “get lost and wait” advise (which is something new for me). I hope DH keeps a reputation of the most reliable host provider. It’s a Dream Host, not a Sleep Host after all;-)
Happy DH client.

How about getting an answer or feedback at all??? Support has gone to complete crap … We have been with DH for over 11 years and have had enough. This last year has been miserable. Support refuses to provide any feedback and continues to keep us guessing if they are even looking at anything. I have been forced to open ticket after ticket after ticket with zero completion or feedback from support … other than one reply stating that the issue was corrected, only to find out 30 seconds later that the statement was a blatant lie. We have been without the ability to send emails to our main collaborator for 20 days now. Well, it looks like with our renew coming up on the 19th, we will be moving … I guess DH doesn’t care about our longtime dedication to sending them money. You can thank your support manager for obviously not understanding how to provide proper service and feedback to the people that pay the bills there.

Guarantee?? What a joke! You guarantee nothing! 20 days without the ability to send email because your DNS was somehow blacklisted and you didn’t even know it … the only guarantee that has been followed through is the guarantee to be disappointed in what DH used to be.

I apologize for the frustration, blacklist and mailblock issues can take some time to resolve since our abuse/security team is dealing with 3rd parties. If you can supply a support ticket# or a domain name on the account we can look into the status,

Matt C

I agree, Dreamhost support has always been great, but this week I have a ticket which is 6.5 days old and with no response.

Live chat is offline whenever I go to try it.