Trusting SSL Certificates

I am trying to get my system to trust my dreamhost SSL certificate when using Mac Mail 5. I will explain why below. The dreamhost wiki for Mac Mail 4 gives great instructions to trust an SSL certificate (, but I don’t think that is working in the same way for my Mac Mail 5, given that on Mac Mail 4 your mail server domain is in the * format, but in Mac Mail 5 it is in the format. Is there a way I can get my system to see my dreamhost SSL certificate as linked to my dreamhost domain email?

That might have not made sense. Here is a longer explanation. I am trying to set up Avast, a virus protection program. Avast asks you to turn off SSL in your mail server, and to have a trustable certificate linked to each email address saved in your Keychain Access. Then it takes over SSL. I have managed to do so for my other accounts. But for my dreamhost domain, it returns a “SSL Certificate check failed” error, reading “Avast! mail shield could not connect to a server because of an invalid or missing SSL certificate.” I am taking this to mean that there is no certificate in my Keychain Access that Avast knows is related to my dreamhost domain. As I read over the dreamhost wiki instructions for Mac Mail 4 ( versus Mac Mail 5 ( I had the intuition, possibly wrong, that for Mac Mail 4 the system could more easily link the certificate to the actual email address, given is still in the incoming mail server name with Mac Mail 4, but is no longer a part of the server name for the instructions in Mac Mail 5.

Does any of this make any sense?
Oh, I just found this in the instructions to Mail Mail 4 that complicates my understanding:

Note: If does not work, an alternative is to use You can always check what your mail service is by going to your panel and clicking on Account Status in the upper right-hand corner. Be aware that if you use rather than, if your mail server is changed, your mail will break until you change the server name.

Is your servername the same as “Your Web Server” or is it “Your MySWL Server” or “Your Email Cluster”? None seem to work in MacMail 5 for me. This is again trying to get Avast to recognize my dreamhost SSL certificate as being linked to my mail account.
THIS is what I’m trying to do:

I haven’t gotten it to work yet…
Okay, I’m still working on it and haven’t figured it out. Through the instructions at, I’ve tried several different strategies: # Added by avast!

(The second of these goes to my website. The others don’t.)

Then I flushed my host cache.

Then I went back to my Mac Mail, but didn’t seem able to resolve the problem.

Any ideas of what to do next?