Truetype fonts in php4

I’m using a Truetype font to write text strings to .png files I’m creating on the fly with the PHP4 image functions.

Specifically, I’m using

  • imagettfbbox to get the string length (to determine image width)
  • imagettftext to write the string

I was only able to find one font (at least on yoda), Vera, which is prettyt fugly. I found it located at:


I was unable, via find, to match truetype or ttf anywhere else under yoda’s root.

Are there other, more attractive fonts, elsewhere on the box that I’m just not finding?


  • can/should I install my own truetype fonts in my home directory? If so, how?
  • should I be looking at something other than truetype?

I got this answered in the Troubleshooting forum