Troubleshooting resource

hi all,

well i posted something like this last night, but it got deleted by will because i posted it to all the forums.

sorry about that. i was seeing it as an important public service message and wanted to let everyone know. i won’t cross-post anymore.

anyhow, the forums are not working too well for me (forum pages are loading sporadically), along with my control panel not working at all.

i’d love to be able to chat with folks who are both having similar troubles and not having any trouble at all.

to that end i’ve created an irc channel for dreamhost customers to chat with each other in:

network -
channel - #dreamhost

this seems like a great resource for dreamhost. a way for the community to support itself. and no requirements on dreamhost since i’ve already created the forum. a win-win.

i’ll be there sporadically today - busy schedule. i’ll be there a lot more tomorrow.

feel free to get together while i’m not there.

for folks not familiar with irc i’ve included my original instructions below. i’m also planning on creating a web interface to the channel.

if you have trouble joining the channel email me at and i’ll help you out.



announcement - new irc channel

hi all,

just wanted to let you know that i’ve created an IRC channel, #dreamhost, on and i am there right now (well, if it’s late at night i’m not there).

i was really wanting the ability to chat live with the dreamhost community so i made it a possibility.

for folks not familiar with IRC (Internet Relay Chat), goto and download and install x-chat (a decent IRC client).

to join the live group discussion:

  1. when you first run x-chat enter a nick name (don’t pick something likely to be already taken).

  2. then look in the network window. you should find a “Debian Servers” listing. if you can’t find that entry look for a “freenode” entry. FYI, is part of if you find it select the server.

  3. enter #dreamhost into the “Join Channels” field

  4. lastly, hit the “Connect” button



see you in #dreamhost, my nick is besonen

I’ll drop by a couple times a week, usually in the evening Pacific time.