Troubleshooting procwatch with top command to see processes: now what?



Hi everyone,

Tried searching for this but didn’t find my exact question.

I’m about to hire a freelancer on UpWork to optimize my WordPress site because it has slow load time and bad performance scores on PageSpeed, gtmetrix, pingdom, etc. The freelancer said one of the issues is slow server response time, so I opened a support ticket asking about this. Support told me that I’m reaching the memory limit and referred me to this link:

I used the -top command to see the processes running, but I’m not exactly sure what I’m looking at or how to reduce memory. Are these processes from my theme? Plugins? What do I do to reduce memory? Do I need to upgrade to a VPS instead of a shared server?

The website is currently under construction and hasn’t been launched to my email list yet, so there aren’t any users on the site yet that I know of.

Here is a screenshot of my SSH:

Any help would be immensely appreciated. :grinning:


Are you on dedicated server ?


I have the happy hosting plan / shared hosting


I think it’s hard to expect anything from a shared hosting.
Instead of paying anyone to try to optimize my website on shared plan that will never be good, better pay for a VPS at least I think.
I am on dedicated and even very neat wordpress websites are not so fast, so I would not waste my time on shared. At least do not expect too much.


Gotcha. I just manually enabled gzip compression and that put the scores way up from what they were in a matter of seconds (at least on Google PageSpeed). Also enabled cloudflare, but they said it would take a few hours for that to take effect. But I understand what you are saying about the shared hosting.