Troubleshooting inability to save backup file

Greetings earthlings,
I’ve recently begun a regular manual back up of all my accounts on Dreamhost. Everything works fine except that I can’t download the largest file (1.8GB) to my hard disk. There are lots of smaller files (MB, KB) that I download no problem, but this big one keeps failing due to “network error” or network timing out.
Since it’s by far the biggest file it seems the most important one for me to have a backup of!
I’m new to this and not sure how to troubleshoot - any suggestions welcome and appreciated.
Thanks a lot.

What tool are you using to do the download?

FTP … SFTP … cURL … Wget … rsync … or right-clicking in a browser and selecting “Save As” … each method has different characteristics.

To use cURL etc you have to first place the file in a web-accessible location but then you get the advantage of the resume-after-failure facilities which these tools provide. For example, using cURL,

continues after a partial download. But I’ve never tried downloading a file of 1.8 Gb and would rather not try. I have no idea if it would exceed the capabilities of cURL.

Another question in my mind is what is the 1.8Gb file? probably it is essential to back up, but say if it’s a video that you got from another source or uploaded originally it might not really be necessary to make another copy.

Even as fast as broadband is these days I also despise downloading webserver backups locally, I won’t ever need the backups in complete form here, and since most broadband is still really very slow on upload I don’t want to have to upload a complete backup to restore a site. Dreamhost does give you an extra 50gb of backup space on another server that has virtually no speed handicap to its use, the only caveat of course is that the files are still under dreamhost control and might still reside in the same datacenter. However this option could be a good one to consider especially if your webserver is not in the same datacenter. Check here to find out what datacenter your webserver/backupserver are located in.