Troubleshooting dreamhost w/thunderbird


Dreamhost is all set-up and working.
However I have tried everything in the dreamhost wiki to set-up thunderbird.
The error I get is:
"Send Message Error"
Sending of message failed.
The message could not be sent because the connection to SMTP server “” timed out. Try again or contact your network administrator.

Thanks for the help!



Is that the return response; verbatim?


Yes, verbatim.



You need to replace the examples in the wiki with your actual names so if your website is then you need to replace with Also, should be the mail user you set up on panel, so not but where ‘user’ is the name you configure in the mail section of panel. So for example you might use ‘jmak’ as your user name, and if were your domain, the the actual user name would be In the wiki, where they ask you for just ‘user’ in the setting up smtp section, I think you should be using ‘’ not just user.



Thanks Bill.
Actually yes that is what I have been using, the user is instead.
I just used the default domain to reference it.

The outgoing server uses - (verbatim) as the default. Then there is the Dreamhost id as well for the outgoing server which is

Any ideas?


Yes I understand.
server name:
port 587 default 465
connection SSL/TLS
authentication: normal password
user name: my full user name


So, the email user you created in panel is call ‘user’ with a password ‘mailpass’ as an example. Your user name for smtp will be ‘’ with a password of ‘mailpass’. The any time it asks for a server with mail or smtp, your answer is and anytime it asks for a user name it’s and any password is ‘mailpass’. Check you answers above, that ‘my full user name’ is equal to



Okay, I have those settings down for SMTP.
This is a mac and I am not sure if that matters, but nothing is still not going through.
The account name is “user”
IMAP is server name port 143 default 993
security SSL/TLS
authentication: normal

Any other tips, Bill?




Security: None
Auth: Password, transmitted insecurely


that would defeat the whole purpose of thunderbird…


Oh? I thought Thunderbird’s purpose was primarily an email client.

I suggested that you “Try…” those settings.



Gave that a try and that hasn’t worked either.
Will trade email functionality for material possessions.

okay so i got thunderbird to work. finally.
however although the email has gone through thunderbird shows it as still being sent for some reason.