Troubles installing Magento

Trying to install a copy of Magento for development purposes for a client - I’m using a shared account. I get the file structure in place via SSH, but after the web install failed, I wiped it, and started over again - got the file structure back in place and tried to use the CLI to finish the installation.

[undefined=undefined] /usr/local/php5/bin/php -f install.php –
–license_agreement_accepted “yes”
–locale “en_US”
–timezone “America/Los_Angeles”
–default_currency “USD”
–db_host “
–db_name “your database”
–db_user “your db username”
–db_pass “your db password”
–db_prefix “mag_”
–admin_frontname “admin”
–url “
–use_rewrites “yes”
–use_secure “no”
–secure_base_url “”
–use_secure_admin “no”
–admin_firstname “your firstname”
–admin_lastname “your lastname”
–admin_email ""
–admin_username “admin”
–admin_password “password” [/undefined]

After I run that (will all my server specific info put in.) it just sits at a “>” prompt, with no way that I found to exit it other than CTRL-Cing out.