Trouble with website


Hey all, I’ve had a domain name registered at another website but decided to switch the hosting to DreamHost. I’ve added a webpage to my directory in my FTP account (I’ve verified the file is indeed there) but when I go to my site my previous hosting site still pops up and the webpage I added is nowhere to be seen.

When I signed up I got a message saying “You are responsible for changing your DNS servers to:…” does that have something to do with it? How would I even go about changing those DNS specifications?

Also is there a naming convention for which webpage you want to be displayed first when you log onto your site? home.html?

I’m new to the whole organizing a website online, I really don’t know much!


You have to go to that other website where you registered it and change the Nameservers for your domain. I see it’s registered at Netfirms, but I don’t know their layout. You just have to change the nameservers from and to the dreamhost ones. And then give it up to 5 days to fully propagate.



Yes, there are pre-established “default” pages on DreamHost, though you can change them if you like.

You can learn all about them on the DreamHost Wiki:



Thanks sdayman and rlparker, it all worked like a charm!