Trouble with transfering Emails and Wordpress

I had the domain A linked up to my dreamhost and decided to change the name to domain B. Domain A had a wordpress blog and multiple emails linked up to it. i basically transfered all the files through my ftp from one folder to another. Both domain names are being hosted by dream host, as domain A is now forwarding to domain B, but all the files that were once on domain A are on Domain B’s folder now. That being said my emails are NOT GOING THROUGH ( even though its all still up to date in my dreamhost panel etc. i want to keep all the domain A emails open and make domain B emails, so people have to time to get used to the domain change.
Wordpress is a mess. upon manually changing all the files i messed up all the logins etc. i found a good write up on how to properly transfer wordpress in the same server but i copy and pasted the files before i found the write up. The write up gives instructions to do everyhting through the wordpress dashboard, but i cant get in there now!

PLEASE HELP…im not trying to go back to square one here, as this is an important live site but im not seeing any other options in my brain, so any help is much appreciated!

Thanks in advance


Two issues here wordpress and email.

First wordpress, use rename in your ftp program to put the domains back the way they were before, rename the domain directroies to DomainTemp then rename to then DomainTemp to

Now login to the worpress Admin and change the url for your site there. You will get an error message, ignore it but doublecheck your entry.

Now repeat the directory renames above again to switch them back. Now you should be able to log into WP admin under the new domain.

on the email side of the issue, there is a “mail mirror” function on the Custom MX / Gmail tab in the Panel. I belive that’s what your trying to set up.

To see the “mail mirror” option edit any domains on the Custom MX tab in the panel.