Trouble with spam TO

This is a brand new problem for me. I have multiple domains with DH and have for years, but I use a white-listing approach to email and therefore have almost zero spam problems. However, the past few days I have received more than a dozen spam emails addressed directly to the mail machine - as in {username} . I have heard and read about the problem of spam from sack and the blacklisting by Comcast, etc. But this is different - I’m talking inbound spam addressed directly to the mail machine.

I have checked and double-checked full headers and the X-Original-To and the Delivered-To are both shown as message to {my username} … there is nothing that shows a legitimate address for this domain. It’s definitely directly to the mail machine.

Does anyone know if there is a simple way to stop all mail to the direct machine address, or would that mess everything up? I know quite a bit - but not enough to fix this problem. Any help would be most appreciated. I thought I would try here if there is a simple fix before contacting DH support.


If the user is a shell-type, setup a procmail recipe to filter such messages and send them to the bit bucket.

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This might be worth a message to Support. They might not be blocking incoming messages going directly to users @*, and it’d be an easy one for them to block.