Trouble with setting up site


Let me preface this by saying any knowledge of the web I have taught myself, and I have very little experience with websites. I finally figured things out and had my site up and running correctly two days ago. I had done a one-click install for wordpress, even though I had not intention of using it. When I tried to go to the site today, I could only get to the wordpress blog. It was funny, when the site was working, if I typed in just, it would go to wordpress, but if i typed, it would go to my site (which was made in Flash). Today, I could still view all my files thru my own FTP agent, but was unable to get on the net2ftp that I had used to upload the files. I guess my questions are what can I do to get back on to net3ftp ( is not the right domain name???) and does it sound like I’ve done anything incorrectly? I tried to uninstall the wordpress, but I think that landed me in more of a mess, because I don’t know what I’m doing with that, either.

Sorry for my inexperience. I appreciate anyone’s help.

What may have occured is that you installed an ‘Easy’ One-Click in which case your original files will have remained intact. Removing the WP within One-Click is the correct first step.

Next thing to do is Domain > Manage Domains in your Panel and Edit your, then hit that Fully Host button again. This should reset any internal configuration mishaps and you should see your Flash site at both and within 10 minutes or so.

A crossing of fingers often helps too!

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