Trouble with scuttle installation

i dear
i’m trying to install scuttle social bookmark on i did this installation many times before without trouble, but it seems that doesn’t work at all here.
i found on docs page this: but suggestions there doesn’t work on my istallation.
at the moment i changed in config.ini.php the $root putting absolute path for my scuttle, and it succeed to correctly display the homepage. but links continue saying “no input file”, even if i do like suggested in wiki.
i also checked the error.log received from support team without find in it something useful, i really don’t know how move forward.
any ideas? something in php.ini?

I’m having a problem with my scuttle 0.7.5 installation myself (which I installed @

I receive Fatal error: Call to undefined method ServiceFactory::getServiceInstance() in index.php on line 23

I tried the following:

  1. switching the php mode (between CGI, mod_php, fastCGI)
  2. chmodding all the files to 755
  3. reuploading everything (even the original scuttle.tar.gz directly decompressed on the server side via WEBFTP
  4. turning off extra security
  5. everything instructed at

Result: NO SUCCESS! :frowning:

I know very little about PHP, but I’d bet it has something to do with the recent upgrade from Debian Etch to Debian Lenny. Thus, PHP4 is no longer supported. Perhaps the wiki instructions needs to be updated for PHP5?

Edit: Got my Debian version names mixed up :stuck_out_tongue:

The upgrade was from Etch to Lenny, not Lenny to Sid. (Sid is the perpetual unstable release — using it for a server would be madness.)