Trouble With New Account, Website Redirecting to



My domain name is registered at, and my blog was hosted at blogger. I am trying to move it to Wrodpress blog hosted on Dreamhost.

Have changed the DNS and Nameserver settings at, also my google apps account with dreamhost is working too.

here is what my control panel shows at dreamhost

Record ( zone) Type Value
MX 0
calendar CNAME
docs CNAME
ftp A
mail MX 0
mail CNAME
sites CNAME
start CNAME
www A
www A

The issue i am facing is whenever i type it redirects me to which doesn’t make any sense i guess.

Any idea why this is happening? or how much time will it take to stop redirecting stuff to


#2 goes to your Wordpress site.
Maybe the DNS was still in your cache and needed flushing.
Sometimes an ISP may not update their DNS files dynamically.


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