Trouble with mySQL/Zen cart

Posted on zencart forum earlier today
Please help!!!

The response

Any help or insight would be appreciated. This is my livelihood, and it’s killing me to have the sites down.

Well, after almost 4 days of fighting with this, and with everyone pointing fingers at everyone else, this problem has been narrowed down to a dreamhost problem.
When my hosting settings got messed up, my data base access settings (deep somewhere in the db, or in the pathway to the db) got messed up.
My businesses have been down this entire week, and now because of the time lost, and the fact that it will take DH at least 24 more hours to answer my last query, and the fact that I MUST get this site up before the weekend, I guess I have to move my hosting.

So, what was the “dreamhost problem”? It would seem to me that since you know now what the problem is (you do know, right?), it should be easy enough to address it. :wink:

What settings are you talking about and how did they get "messed up? I’ve read, and re-read, your original post several times trying to figure out what you were trying to say, and what problem you were having, but I still have no clue what about your situation, other than that “something doesn’t work”.

Your comment in the earlier post, “At about 6:30 pm is when we messed up our domain due to the bug in YOUR panel. (not pointing fingers - but this one really was NOT my fault. :slight_smile: )” - doesn’t give much of a clue. I’m the first to admit that parts of the panel can seem less than intuitive on occasion, but if there is a bug (as opposed to something you just didn’t understand, and therefore subsequently “borked”), the least you could do if you hope to get any help with it is to share what happened. :wink:

This sounds for all the world like a “PBCAK” problem to me, since you can’t even seem to articulate what the problem is or how it manifests itself.

Of course, if you want to focus less on whose fault “it” was, and explain what happened, what you have done, and what problem you are now having, someone here may be able to help. Other than that, the best I can do is to wish you “good luck” with your support ticket and/or your hosting move. :slight_smile: